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  • IVF: The Steps, Duration, Injections and More

    How long is an IVF cycle? What are the steps?

    An IVF cycle comprised of Ovarian Stimulation, Egg Retrieval (OPU), Sperm Collection, ICSI and Embryo Transfer is generally 21-25 days. Read about the steps of an IVF-ICSI cycle in detail here.

    Does IVF hurt? What about the hormone injections?

    The IVF procedures include Egg Retrieval and Embryo Transfer. Egg Retrieval is done under sedation and afterwards you may feel some discomfort similar to that of a heavy menstrual cycle. Embryo Transfer is a painless procedure and feels similar to a Pap smear. We are dedicated to using the best quality tools to ensure that you experience the least possible discomfort during treatment. As far as the injections, each woman is different and some will be more sensitive than others. Some women feel slight discomfort from the medication released by the first injection but nothing that is intolerable. Most injections can be taken from the convenience of your home and if you are feeling discomfort from the needles we can apply a numbing cream beforehand.

    Is there a cut-off age for IVF treatment?

    Fakih IVF’s policy is to not adhere to a strict cut-off age as every woman is different and the possibility of treatment depends on if she is still producing eggs. Some women go through menopause and stop ovulating earlier than others but a simple blood test (AMH) can let us know if there is any egg reserve left.