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  • Curing a Family Member with HLA Matching

    With today’s advanced medical technologies it is now possible to cure a family member suffering from a hereditary disease curable by bone marrow transplant. In order to do so, an HLA match must be identified. Fakih IVF Fertility Center is one of the few IVF centers in the Region with a Genetics Laboratory capable of performing HLA Typing and HLA Matching in-house.

    What is HLA?

    HLA or Human leukocyte antigen is a part of our DNA that determines much of our immune system strength as well as plays a large role in our histocompatibility with others. In order for our body’s to accept and use the bone marrow or stem cells from another person, our body must be able to use and communicate with the donated material.

    Curing a family member suffering from a genetic disorder:

    Family members, such as mother, father or child, affected with a hereditary disease may be cured through bone marrow or stem cell transplant using HLA matching from a healthy child. During an IVF cycle, healthy embryos are identified using Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis and HLA matching will be tested with the affected family member. When the mother gives birth to the child, cord blood, which contains stem cells, will be stored and may be transferred to the affected family member.

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