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  • About Fakih IVF Fertility Center

    Fakih IVF Fertility Center is one of the leading Infertility, Gynecology, Obstetrics, Genetics and IVF Centers in the region.

    Fakih IVF Fertility Center opened in Qatar, Doha in 2019. The Center is composed with highly experienced doctors in Reproductive Medicine.

    Fakih IVF Fertility Center has a full-service Genetics Laboratory, offering screening of hereditary diseases, chromosomal abnormalities and Gender Selection.

    Fakih IVF Fertility Center started with the vision of  Dr. Michael Fakih, a Consultant in Reproductive Endocrinology and IVF who began his career in 1987. Dr. Fakih prides his staff on their original and innovative approach in treating all cases of infertility. At Fakih IVF Fertility Center, each couple is assessed and a treatment plan is designed specifically for them. Fakih IVF Fertility Center continually strives to improve medical protocols and invests in the newest technologies in order to excel in their commitment to help families grow and ultimately achieve the highest success rates.

    • Continuously improving medical protocols and practices to increase our high success rates.
    • Investment in the latest technology. Fakih IVF Fertility Center introduced the first EmbryoScope in the Region, a groundbreaking technology in the field of reproductive medicine.
    • Fakih IVF Fertility Center was the first center in the Region to perform a MicroTESE, a procedure that allows for sperm to be found even if sperm retrievals done earlier did not produce viable sperm for IVF.
    • Fakih IVF Fertility Center is the first center in the Region to achieve an ongoing pregnancy for a Single Gene Disorder and HLA Matching for a leukemia sibling looking for a bone marrow donor.

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