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    Sunday, July 31, 2016

    After years of trying to get pregnant naturally and with no success, we turned to a clinic in Dubai where we underwent several round of IUI and an IVF which failed at 9 weeks. The Doctor we were seeing didn’t know why it wasn’t working and seem totally uninterested in finding out and had no new ideas for us other than to keep on trying the same intense protocol.

    After some research we made an appointment with Fakih IVF and have never looked back! What a different experience. Warm and friendly staff who clearly know their field of expertise and great surroundings. From the very first meeting with Dr Fakih we knew we had made the right decision. We were treated like wannabe parents not walking pots of insurance funding. Gone were the crazy amounts of injections I had been taking previously and instead, with some different thinking, we tried a natural cycle IVF with Dr Ghina which gave us a positive result! Then it was time for phase two….we knew from past experience that getting pregnant was only the first step and that staying pregnant is not always easy – this is where we met Dr Samer. Over the 36 weeks of my pregnancy, Dr Samer made us feel reassured, relaxed and able to enjoy the pregnancy – and even with some initial complications, not to be worried…all the way up to the delivery of our beautiful daughter Sophie.

    Moving on a couple of years, we decided to go for it again and there was no doubt in our minds that we wanted Fakih IVF, Dr Ghina and Dr Samer to do what they do best. Slightly older now in age and fertility terms, it took a few attempts, but we never felt despondent because we knew we had a great team on our side who know their stuff and were able to think quickly and adapt where needed. We got the positive pregnancy test we wanted and then some – twins! Once again Dr Samer took us through the pregnancy – any initial worries we had about a multiple pregnancy were instantly taken away and again we were able to actually enjoy the experience.

    So now thanks to #teamfakih we have 3 beautiful daughters and could not be happier. Would we try again? Never say never – but if we do, it will be Fakih IVF that we go to, without hesitation.

    There is not a thank you big enough that we could say to the Doctors, Embryology team, Nursing team and support staff at Fakih IVF – from our initial meeting to recently taking our daughters in to say hello to everyone, the staff have been kind, friendly, professional, caring, encouraging and supportive – every step of the way.