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    Sunday, June 12, 0214

    At 26 weeks of pregnancy, I had a cerclage operation with spinal anesthesia. Dr. Helene Mizher was the anesthetist in charge. She gave me a shot just enough to eliminate any pain feeling during the procedure but low enough to help me feel my body again normally in a short time and walk again normally in a recordable time. So in few hours I was able to go back home. Besides, she was a great support before, during and after the operation: first explaining to me the best method of anesthesia for my case, talking to me in a lovely manner all the time during the operation and comforting me, following up on me closely after the procedure was done. When she was applying the spinal injection, she was informing me of each step and describing carefully how I might feel so I do not get scared or surprised. Having had the same type of anesthesia previously in other places, i was terrified cause my previous experience was awful. This time and very honestly I say it, It was the most successful and the easiest one I ever had. I thank Dr. Helene for being there and for carrying not only about me but as we’ll about my baby. I would like to thank as well Dr. Ghina who is always supportive and who was keen to comfort me about the healthiness of my baby before and after the operation without having to ask her. I thank and congratulate the whole teem for their professionalism and kindness.