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  • Is IVF treatment more successful in summer?

    Monday, August 23, 2021

    How many times have you thought about when it would be better to start your treatment? And when is the best season to do a fertility treatment during the year? The answer is the summer, did you know that this warm weather does more than putting a smile on your face? This dose of sunshine is the best natural source of Vitamin D which could also increase your chance of IVF success.

    There are factors that encourage the performance of this type of treatment during the hottest months of the year. It is a time of less stress and vacation periods when women and couples have more time to undergo the treatment.
    In addition, it is a time rich in foods that favor fertility and that could help to increase the real chances of getting pregnant. Your immune system may be stronger in the summer. Robust immunity during the summer months may be a result of all that vitamin D, which helps modulate and support the immune system.

    A woman’s chances of becoming pregnant with IVF treatment are twice as high in the summer, researchers have found and the women needed far fewer drugs to help them ovulate during months with more daylight.
    A dose of sunshine is the best natural source of vitamin D which can increase your chances of conceiving through IVF.
    It’s been discovered that the melatonin hormone responsible for sleep patterns, acts directly on reproductive tissue to make women more fertile during the summer months.

    Patients might have a better chance of a successful pregnancy in summer, but it doesn’t mean that people can’t get pregnant except in those months.

    Vitamin D contribution to IVF success

    Women undergoing IVF treatment with sufficient levels of Vitamin D are more likely to produce high-quality embryos, and chances are twice to become pregnant. Studies indicate that low levels of vitamin D could contribute to infertility. It’s also found that the birth rate and the treatment are also improved in the women exposed to more sunshine the month before the start of their IVF cycle, while the egg was maturing.
    Having a vitamin D deficiency can reduce hormone levels, ovulation, and sperm production. When you have adequate levels of vitamin D, women can produce larger amounts of progesterone and estrogen. Plus, vitamin D aids in the formation of sperm. Men’s sperm has been found to be up to twice as active in the summer months too!

    Get out in the sun and soak up this important vitamin for fertility health. If you can’t get out for about 10-15 minutes of sunshine each day, ask your doctor to have your level checked and whether you should consider supplementation.

    The benefits of IVF treatment in summers are:

    – Increased Happiness: Summer is arguably the month that makes everyone happy and less anxious. The reason why warm months are happiest is the “Sunlight”. The more time spent in sunlight by women who are going through IVF cycle, the less stressed out they are. And since stress is the large factor that negatively affects an IVF outcome, there are better chances for pregnancy if a woman is experiencing feelings of an improved mood.

    – Light Schedule: Work and things generally are less busy during summer, so you will have more time for a successful IVF procedure.

    – Extended Periods of time:  Days are longer than in any other season, so women spend more time with their husbands – huge support they need if they are undergoing fertility treatment. The surplus of quality time with a partner or family is invaluable; now is the time to lean on each other for support.