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  • 7 Pregnancy Care Tips during Winter Season

    Wednesday, January 22, 2020

    Pregnancy sometimes becomes a little difficult during winter months for some expectant mothers. They become susceptible to infections, cough, and cold and the chill in the air leads to pains and aches as intake of medicines is restricted during this period. Pregnancy care during the season should invariably include adequate protection.

    1- Wear a few layers

    Being comfortable and warm is the most important thing in the winter season. Buying a new jacket to keep you warm is a good idea.

    Wear a few layers so that you can take off or add as needed. Wearing a tank top or t-shirt, a button shirt and a fun lightweight scarf will give you many options to get through all of the temperature changes.

    2. Get a Flu Vaccine

    During the cold winter months, almost everywhere you go people are sick, sneezing and coughing. Make sure to keep your distance and wash your hands frequently.

    It is advisable to take the flu vaccine as the immune system takes a hit during pregnancy. Check with your doctor before getting any shot.

    3- Drink Plenty of Water

    During the winter, we certainly aren’t facing scorching temps, but we are dealing with dry winter air Dehydration can cause problems ranging from lightheadedness to preterm labor, so stay ahead of the game by drinking water all day long.

    Winter, makes one avoid or subconsciously forget drinking water which is not good for the pregnant moms. As the winter air is dry, the body needs extra water during winters. It will not be conducive if you try to substitute water with beverages. You should be drinking at least (8 cups) of water every day.

    4- Get Some Exercise

       Physical activity can help to ease pregnancy pains and aches, but during the cold weather months, you may find yourself sitting on the couch more than you should. Some indoor exercises can be a good substitute to keep yourself fit and safe. You can go to a local indoor pool, join a gym, go to a local mall or buy a yoga mat and yoga DVD to stay fit and active during peak winters during pregnancy.

    5- Wash Your Hands Regularly

    Washing your hands regularly is the best way to avoid germs especially during pregnancy. After running errands, it is quite safe to wash hands before coming in contact with any near or dear one. If there isn’t a sink nearby, use a hand sanitizer.

    6- Take care of your skin

    Pregnant or not, dry itchy skin is not only unsightly but also itchy and uncomfortable. And sometimes, during pregnancy, all the hormonal changes just escalate the problem. So, buy a good moisturizer just keeping in mind that it should have enough SPF protection too.

    7- Eat small, frequent meals

    The slow sluggish circulation also leads to slow digestion sometimes. Given the symptoms of pregnancy—bloating, acidity, gassiness—it is best advised to eat small.

    Winter is that time of the year when fruits should be included in the diet mandatorily. Fresh fruits and vegetables are sure to strengthen your immune system to fight the diseases and keep your body hydrated as well.